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● You want to test the resistance of raw materials and/or additives to the succession «steam conditioning/ extrusion/ drying»used in pets food and aquafeed
Demonstrate to authorities or your customers that your product adapts to these conditions of treatment
● Guide your customers in the use of your products when they produce feeds
● Develop and market a new additive or raw material
● Comparing the behaviour of different products under repeatable and standardised conditions


ln addition, follow the "EXTRUSION: MASTERING THE EXTRUDER PROCESS» training to understand and/or train your teams in extrusion


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«After the development of your additive and/or raw material in the laboratory, it is essential to test it on a pilot scale. Before going to the industrial scale, this step allows to experiment, at a lower cost, the behavior of your additive and/or raw material by modulating the extrusion parameters, without forgetting the related industrial operations»

Cécilia Pascalet

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