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Prerequisites : Notions in animal nutrition, notions on raw materials used in animal nutrition. Prior completion of the training «Pellet mill Optimising the driving of pellet mill» or equivalent level of expertise

Training audience

Industrial manage, Plant manager, production managers, team leader, process engineer

Training program

  • Pelleting: definition, advantages and disadvantages
  • Reminders on pelleting and drying equipment cooling and their control
  • Pellet quality: measurement, monitoring and control (influencing factors)
  • Energy performance of pelleting: measurement, monitoring and control (influencing factors)
  • Issues related to pelleting : identification and group resolution

Evaluation and monitoring methods

  • Questionnaire on the trainee’s expectations to be completed before training, then 3 months after to take stock of the evolution of practices
  • Educational evaluation in the form of a MCQ at the end of the session


Members - 670.00 € HT (806.40 € TTC) ; Non-members: 938.00 € HT (1 125.60 € TTC); Tariff Intra contact us


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